It’s that time of year and rainfall is lessening as we enter the traditional dry months of summer here in North Texas. Perhaps this photo reminds you of what you deal with in your yard. A homeowner can water at the maximum allowable rate, per city ordinances, and still not be able to stop the extreme soil volume change with lower moisture content in the soil.
If this photo looks like your yard, you should have your foundation inspected at least once a year as a pre-cautionary measure. This type of soil shrinkage and movement can wreak havoc on both slab and pier & beam foundations. If left neglected, this can result in severe damage to the entire structure of your home, which is not covered by Homeowner’s Insurance.
Give us a call and we would be happy to offer our expertise on the condition of your home as well as give tips on how to keep your soil from drying out and help you keep that hard earned money in your wallet.