Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete Services

Demolition Paving Patching Repairs Driveways Sidewalks Patios Driveway Approach/Extensions Curb and Gutter Flatwork Saw cutting Stripping

Asphalt Services

Demolition Paving Patching Seal Coating Stripping Base Repair Parking Lots Crack Fill Overlay Dumpster Pads

Concrete and Asphalt Repairs


Our company saw cuts existing concrete the full depth.

Use of concrete breakers to demolish concrete into smaller debris and loaded into trucks and haul off of job site.

Prepare subgrade by adding flex base/ small gravel and compact

Install rebar based on specifications.

Install concrete 3,000-5,000 PSI based on the job specifications

Finish Concrete and then apply smooth or broom finish

Asphalt – We offer 2 repair methods

Full Depth

Saw cut and remove existing Asphalt and base to desired depth

Compact subgrade by mechanical means

Apply Tack Coat to edges for adhesion of new asphalt to existing asphalt

Install asphalt in lifts (2 inches) and compact

Cement Treated Base & Overlay

Layout Portland cement in areas to be repaired and grind up/mill to desired depth with water

Compact material

Grade material to a uniform depth below existing asphalt, tack coat edges for adhesion, install asphalt and compact.

Our company will clean entire area of loose material and debris with parking lot blowers and mechanical brooms. We will apply tack coat for adhesion and then install asphalt.

1.5 inches after compaction

2.0 inches after compaction


Completion Details

  • Clean entire lot
  • Provide necessary crack fill
  • Install seal coat
  • Follow with installing a second coat of seal coat