Foundation Repair

Getting Started with Foundation Repair

Your home is the foundation for your family, providing comfort, protection and security.

When that foundation becomes weakened or damaged, not only is the safety of your family compromised but it places your financial security and peace of mind at risk as well. Call BMB Construction, LLC today for a FREE Foundation Repair Estimate. Once we have a better understanding of your needs, we will use our professional know-how to find the right affordable solutions to ensure a long lasting repair and results you can count

Concrete and Asphalt in Texas

Slab Foundation

Concrete pressed pilings locked with steel eliminates the possibility of lateral movement. Deep steel piers driven directly below your home’s foundation, doing away with the need for troublesome brackets.

Foundation repair services in Denton

Pier and Beam Techniques

Concrete pad and block Replacement of rotten or broken beams, joists and sole plates Re-shimming using only steel shims

Additional Foundation Services

Completion Details

Removal and replacement of broken or loose mortar. We expertly match new mortar to existing mortar color on your home. We strip out old window and door caulking and replace it with high grade silicone or latex caulk in the color of your choice.

Foundation Drainage

Surface drains including grate drains, channel drains and swales. Subsurface French drains. Seamless gutters and downspouts.

Retaining Walls

Segmental and Decorative Concrete

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