At BMB Foundation, we believe that your home is the foundation for your family. When that foundation is damaged, so is your peace of mind, how do you know if your foundation is damaged? What are the signs of problems? Here are a couple of signs to look when you think that you are having problems with your foundation.


  • Interior cracks in drywall, crown molding, tile, or floor.
  • Exterior cracks in wall brick or foundations

Door and Windows

  • Your doors or windows will not open or close properly
  • Separation can be seen in the door frame, window seals, or edge of the garage doors


  • The floors feel or appear uneven
  • There is a noticeable “drop” in your floor
  • Tile or hardwood appear to be cracking or separating

If you are noticing any of these signs, you may be experiencing foundation issues. Call your trusted foundation experts at BMB Foundation and make sure that the foundation of your family is well taken care of.