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Signs of Foundation Problems

Cracks in Exterior or Interior Brick and Walls Separating

Exterior cracking has split the brick and you see stair stepped cracks in mortar between bricks or brick facade is pulling away from the house.


Doors and Windows Won’t Open or Close Properly

Door frame separation, door is out of level or frame is no longer square and doesn’t close completely.


Uneven or Sloping Floors & Spaces Between Wall and Ceiling or Floor

The floor has sunk causing it to separate from the wall or gaps between walls and ceiling.


Displaced or Cracked Moldings

Crown molding separation or cracks running up the wall through the molding into the ceiling.


Cracks or Bows in Wall – Wallpaper border is torn due to cracking, prominent wall cracks running between the door and the ceiling or large cracks in a wall from foundation movement.


Separation of Doors, Windows, and Garage Doors

Brick has completely separated from framing or separation of window frames causing gaps.


Cracks in Floor, Floor Tiles, or Foundation

Stair step cracks that go through foundation, cracks in concrete.



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